• HAIR GLOSS for mids and ends
  • HAIR GLOSS for mids and ends

HAIR GLOSS for mids and ends

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How it works

Dry, Damaged hair? Hair gloss has you covered! 

A plant-powered blend of apricot, avocado, castor, sweet orange. and our power ingredient, Pomegranate. 
Pomegranates are the gems of the fruit family, and contain high levels of Omega-6 and 9 which soften the hair overtime, promote higher moisture levels in the hair shaft. Pomegranate also protects hair from environmental damage even after you have cleansed Hair Gloss out of 

Our apricot is high in vitamin A and E, to naturally protect your hair from yeast and bacterial overgrowth, while boosting collagen and repairing damage from over-processed hair.

Our Avocado and Castor and blended into the formula beautifully to improve heavily damaged hair by absorbing into the hair shaft as well as sitting on top of the hair to retain moisture and protect against environmental toxins. 

 Best used overnight, or as a hot oil treatment.


Persea americana (Avocado)oil, Prunus(Apricot) armeniaca oil, Ricinus communis(Castor Bean) oil, Punica Granatum(Pomegranate) oil, and Citrus sinensis( Sweet Orange) oil.



Hair gloss is a pre-wash treatment applied to the mids and ends of hair for an extra moisture boost. Evenly disperse hair gloss where you need it most, leave on for an hour or two and wash off to reveal your luscious locks. Ideally used once per week.

Product storage & Disclaimer

Close the bottle directly after use and store in a cool, dry, and dark place to preserve natural ingredients.

Please note, this is not a medical product, or cure for any disease or illness.  


Persea americana (Avocado)oil, Prunus(Apricot) armeniaca oil


Persea americana (Avocado)oil


Prunus(Apricot) armeniaca oil


Punica Granatum(Pomegranate) oil

Sweet Orange

Citrus sinensis( Sweet Orange) oil.

Castor Bean

Prevents moisture loss, lubricates the hair shaft and allows for hair to grow thicker and stronger, as well as providing relief for a dry and flakey scalp. Our castor oil is mindfully sourced and high in Ricinoleic acid which has been shown to support density overtime.


HAIR GLOSS for mids and ends

Based on 80

Real Transformations, Beautiful Hair

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews
This is my salvation!

My hair has been losing tone for years, and little by little I started to see them less and less thick. I was skeptical before buying this oil because, despite my young age (29 years old), no product has ever satisfied me. Well, look at the photos, in a distance of only 7 months! My hair has been reborn, and I with them!


Great product to keep your ends healthy

ACTUALLY delivered results

This hair oil actually delivers the results it claims to, I have used many hair oils and glosses that promise to soften your hair and help make it more manageable and shiny and says how it will help define waves and curls. But this one actually works! I have spent YEARS trying to grow my hair out, I was diagnosed with OCD when it came to my hair by thinking that any little thing would damage my hair, it wasn’t a matter of if I logistically knew my hair was damaged, but more so a texture thing. If my hair felt dry or tangled more often, I would panic and think my hair was damaged and would end up cutting the ends little by little with hair sheers. This led to me cutting 1 1/2 inches of hair in the span of one week and not realizing the damage I had done until I looked back on photos. This hair gloss helped me grow out my hair by improving its texture and shine and manageability and helping me in result. On top of that it has definitely helped define my waves and curls, I struggled with making my waves and curls flourish but after doing consistent (every other day) hot oil treatments on my hair with this oil, my waves and curls have never looked or FELT better!

HAIR GLOSS for mids and ends

Based On 80


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We proudly manufacture our cosmetic products in North America with globally and ethically sourced ingredients!

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