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HAIR GLOSS for mids and ends

$36.00 USD
A plant-powered blend of Italian apricot, avocado, castor, sweet orange. and our power ingredient, Persian Pomegranate. 
Pomegranates are the gems of the fruit family, and contain high levels of Omega-6 and 9 which soften the hair overtime, promote higher moisture levels in the hair shaft. Pomegranate also protects hair from environmental damage even after you have cleansed Hair Gloss out of your hair! 
It takes thousands of pomegranate seeds to make a single bottle of Hair Gloss, and the tedious process of extracting our oils is well worth the result.

Our Italian apricot is high in vitamin A and E, to naturally protect your hair from yeast and bacterial overgrowth, while boosting collagen and repairing damage from over-processed hair.

Our Avocado and Castor and blended into the formula beautifully to improve heavily damaged hair by absorbing into the hair shaft as well as sitting on top of the hair to retain moisture and protect against environmental toxins. 

Naturally Fragrance Free, oils harvested without the use of pesticides. Always cold pressed and fresh. 


HOW TO: Hair gloss is a pre-wash treatment applied to the mids and ends of hair for an extra moisture boost. Evenly disperse hair gloss where you need it most, leave on for an hour or two and wash off to reveal your luscious locks. Ideally used once per week.


Ingredients: Persea americana oil, Prunus armeniaca oil, Ricinus communis oil, Punica Granatum oil, and Citrus sinensis oil

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